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A Cockney by birth but West Country man by upbringing, John achieved wide recognition as a Jazz Pianist when he joined Ronnie Scotts Quartet in 1979.

During his 16 years with Ronnie's Quartet and Quintet, they played many concerts in the UK, overseas and in Ronnie Scott's Club.

John also worked at the Club with George Coleman, James Moody, Joe Henderson, Chet Baker and Johnny Griffin.

Sadly, most of these fine Jazz Musicians have left us but it was a great education to be there with them. It is good to see that George Coleman has released a new CD this year.


While working with Ronnie, John appeared many times at the club with a TRIO, initially CDM with Ron Mathewson and Martin Drew and more recently under his own name with (when available)- Bassist Dave Green and Drummer Trevor Tomkins.


With Dick Pearce, Mornington Lockett and John Critchinson.

After the untimely death of Ronnie Scott in 1996, John and Sax/Flautist - Pat Crumly formed the Ronnie Scott Legacy Quartet to keep alive the memory and influence of Ronnie's music and gag routines.

This band subsequently played some 60 dates in the UK and New Zealand and, after loosing Pat to a sudden heart attack in 2008, it was reformed as Ronnie Scott Remembered with 3 original Quintet members for the 50th anniversary of Ronnie Scotts Club in 2009.

Current personnel are; Dick Pearce - Trumpet/Flugel Horn, Mornington Lockett - Saxes, Tim Wells - Double Bass, Trevor Tomkins - Drums and John Critchinson - Piano.

John can also be seen with the ART THEMEN QUARTET and the JACQUI HICKS QUARTET & QUINTET.

John is also a member of SIMON SPILLETT'S ‘STANDARD MILES' QUINTET with Henry Lowther - Trumpet, Dave Green -Double Bass and Trevor Tomkins - Drums.

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